Synergies between Change Healthcare and Trusthub will enable faster, more integrated, and scaled development opportunities for both new products and product upgrades.

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Meet us in the middle.

As a neutral third party, the TrustHub platform is built on three core ideas: trust, transparency, and collaboration. Establishing a new “handshake” between payers and providers by pioneering thoughtful solutions that deliver efficiency, predictability and consistency in value-based care programs while creating an ecosystem that aligns payers’ and providers’ financial goals with patient outcomes.

TrustHub: an overview.


The TrustHub Platform is your go-to-market differentiator that delivers a comprehensive “service bureau” approach for administering and facilitating value-based reimbursement, driving maximum ROI for each stakeholder. TrustHub eliminates your administrative burden and aligns your financial goals with improved patient outcomes -- reducing the gap between health and healthcare.


The TrustHub Engine analyzes claims data to create an episode-of-care that includes all covered services bundled across all providers (hospital, physicians, laboratory, pharmacy, etc.) that would typically treat a patient for a given condition, illness or injury. The episodes-of-care can then be converted into a prospective budget that is adjusted for the severity and complexity of the patient’s condition.


The budget -- or expected cost -- can be compared to the actual costs to determine the relative efficiency of a physician, practice, or health system in managing a patient. Our analytic tools are also designed to separate typical or routine costs from those associated with potentially avoidable complications. This unique process creates unparalleled insights and transparency into the cost and quality of care.



The TrustHub Software Suite provides modeling and actionable capabilities across the APM contract lifecycle, from ideation to implementation. Apps enable stakeholders to build VBP models, evaluate provider performance, identify care variations, improve network efficiency, and much more. Additional custom capabilities can be added to help analyze the impact associated to transitioning from the traditional FFS/MCO contracts to a VBP contracting model.

Meet the suite.