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Development Opportunities

Director of Engineering

Define and execute a data science and visualization solutions architecture, manage an engineering organization that understands how to build for today while designing a solution for the future. Successful candidates will spend their days writing their own code, reviewing code, mentoring staff, and architecting a PaaS. Candidates must have references that can speak to their experience building client-facing AWS solutions from the ground-up including, but not limited to, DevOps, Security, Networking & Infrastructure, and IAM.

Front End Developer

(Intern, Contract-to-Hire, & Full-time positions available)

Responsible for creating user-friendly front-ends that work on all technologies, in addition to building “easy to use” interfaces that complement our current product style. Must have a working knowledge of message queues (Kafka preferred), Config Management software (Ansibel preferred), and the ELK Stack.

Full Stack Developer

(Intern, Contract-to-Hire, & Full-time positions available)
Must have working knowledge of message queues (Kafka preferred), Config Management software (Ansibel preferred), and the ELK Stack, with proficiency with security concepts in programming such as OWASP Top 10 or SSL Configuration.

Analytics Opportunities

Data Scientist

(Intern, Contract-to-Hire, & Full-time positions available)

Assist with data and business analytics needs, including model building/testing and implementation of algorithms to support analysis while using Python, R, Jupyter, Spark, Hadoop, and AWS Athena. Must have a strong mathematical background and knowledge of data visualizations, including sequence plots, histograms, heat maps, and box plots. Priority will be given to those candidates that have experience working with Healthcare claims data.

Healthcare Business Analyst

(Intern, Contract-to-Hire, & Full-time positions available)

Provide analytical, consulting, and sales support in addition to analyzing and documenting business processes, workflows, and use cases to support the transition from FFS to VBP. Must understand the macro issues facing the US Healthcare industry. Prior consulting experience is a plus.