Introducing TrustHub.

Our revolutionary, industry-leading TrustHub software-as-a-service solution is a go-to-market differentiator that, coupled with our people and processes, delivers to payers and providers a comprehensive “service bureau” approach for administrating and facilitating value-based reimbursement, driving maximum ROI.

In the Middle of it All

TrustHub assists plans and providers with the design, measurement and collaboration of value-based reimbursement programs as a neutral third party. Payformance Solutions’ mission is to establish a new “handshake” between payers and providers by pioneering thoughtful solutions that deliver efficiency, predictability and consistency in value-based care programs while creating an ecosystem that aligns payers’ and providers’ financial goals with patient outcomes.

Smart Contracting

Enables value based contract management, review and adjustment of streamlined, performance monitoring and payment. Enables speed to market and scalable support.

Network Management/​Provider Relations

Provider module is extendible to house various types of affiliations which can augment the health plan’s provider system of record.

VBR Payment

Rating module enables health plans to define the various rating parameters and integrates the payment execution via its payment processor.

FFS to VBR Convertor

Allow your providers to submit claims per the usual process. This module supports the Plan’s legacy systems for FFS and creates to “ghost” claims for clean financing.


Robust services to assist providers with their enrollment and management of their VBR Contracts. Ongoing support for technical assistance and practice enrollment/monitoring.

Performance Analytics

Reports and Dashboards that provide you the YTD status on your practice performance and cash flow modeling and projections.


Tools for modeling and network design to facilitate contact optimization. Allows for tunable parameters including gain/loss share, stop loss, quality scorecard impact, and more.

Network Analytics

Analyze network referral patterns and performance for gain share disbursement and transparency, scorecard metrics and drill downs.

Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR) Services.

To maximize value-based reimbursement, we designed TrustHub to provide tools for program design, modeling and management with:

  • Data harmonization
  • Episode definition
  • Risk adjustment
  • Predictive modeling
  • Network optimization
  • FFS converter
  • Performance dashboards
  • Smart contracting
  • Real-time processing
  • 24/7 monitoring